About us

About us

Let us introduce you Trusted iPhone Unlock. We provide professional worldwide unlocking service. Most of our service are direct to the carrier. We will be more than happy to do business with you. Fell free to contact us via our mail or in our social networks.

Terms and conditions you agree with when using services provided by Trusted iPhone Unlock

- Please make sure your iPhone is locked to this specific carrier you are ordering for, wrong carrier will have no refund. - - If you are not sure, please check our Network Check to buy carrier check or buy any carrier check service in eBay before ordering. - Orders Can't be cancelled, altered, stoped, changed, paused once in process. - Once the unlock is done, Your iPhone will be shown as unlocked in Apple Database. - There is NEVER 100% success rate with iPhone unlocking. But we refund you in case if you provide correct imei in accordance of decscription and order not done. - 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are not able to unlock - Strictly NO REFUND if we confirmed unlock but you can't activate iPhone because of FMI (Find My iPhone) status or if IMEI is blacklisted in COUNTRY where you're going to use it. - By Clicking "Buy Now" Means you agreed to our "Terms and Conditions" and we notify the same to PayPal in case of any disputes.

Important information you should read before ordering our services. 1. You could be refunded only if your order is rejected by the unlocking servers. You will not be refunded if: - you provide wrong IMEI number - you provide wrong carrier/mobile operator - you order service not for your carrier/mobile operator In these cases there will be no refunds. 2. If you have iCloud activated on your iPhone the unlock will be successful. But your iPhone will be not working because of the iCloud lock. Carrier lock and iCloud lock are absolutely different. Please have that in mind and make sure your iCloud is Off! 3. Usually unlocking frame is 1-7 working days. Sometimes delays may occur. Please BE PATIENT and DO NOT ORDER if you can not wait. Once you make payment refund could be proceeded only if your order is rejected by the unlocking servers. 4. There is no refund for swapped IMEI. Please do not order if your iPhone is with swapped IMEI. 5. There is minimal possibility that the mobile operator/carrier decides to relock your iPhone after the unlock. We do not have any responsibility if that happen. This is hypothetical case and it happens 0.01%. 6. The services provided by Trusted iPhone Unlock are for UNLOCKING LOCKED iPhones and we do not refund money if the unlock is SUCCESSFUL. Trusted iPhone Unlock is not responsible by any means for your iPhone apart the unlocking service. 7. If refund have to be proceeded because of rejection from the unlocking servers we hold 5% from the paid amount for the transactions in and out of the servers. Trusted iPhone Unlock and his owner can not be held responsible for potential requests from mobile operators toward iPhone owner who used our unlocking services.

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